MOTOR GUARD RL-1 Roller-Block®


Motor Guard

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The Roller-Block® utilizes a 5-1/2”x9” abrasive sheet folded into thirds, the Roller-Block® saves time by requiring no trimming and saves money by wasting no paper. PSA paper may also be used.

Specifically designed for wet sanding applications, the Roller-Block®’s soft outer layer retains water while providing a no-slip gripping surface for the abrasive sheet. A rigid inner layer maintains block shape and prevents the transfer of hand marks through the paper.

The exclusive rounded sides of the block lift the folded edges of the paper away from the work surface, eliminating defects. The grip is firm and comfortable, little hand pressure is wasted holding the paper to the pad, allowing more pressure to be put into the work. Users of the Roller-Block® report greatly reduced hand fatigue.



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