3M Automix Panel Bonding Adhesive, 200 mL (8115)

3M Automix Panel Bonding Adhesive, 200 mL (8115)


SKU: 8115

3M™ Panel Bonding Adhesive 8115 is a cost-effective two-part epoxy adhesive that is perfect for bonding replacement body panels. It is compatible with steel, aluminum, SMC, and FRP1. The adhesive is packaged in a fast and convenient cartridge system that seals and bonds the materials securely in a single operation.

This adhesive is ideal for replacing quarter panels, roofs, box sides, van sides, utility vehicle sides, and door skins. It is a two-part epoxy adhesive that provides extended work-time but can be rapidly cured with heat.

The adhesive is available in a 200 ml Duo-Pak cartridge and is to be used in conjunction with P.N. 08117 MIXPAC dispenser and P.N. 08193 Mix/Dispense Nozzle.

With 3M™ Panel Bonding Adhesive 8115, you can be assured of a strong and durable bond that will last for years to come.

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