Safety Masks and Gloves

Safety Masks and Gloves

Safety is something that we always need to keep in mind. Each part of the job has different concerns and dangers. When working with painting products there are many different types of chemicals that you will come into contact with. Here is a list of many safety items that you should have in your shop.


When using chemical strippers, you should have heavy duty chemical resistant gloves.

When mixing and spraying primers, paints, and solvents you should always wear nitrile gloves. Solvents enter through the pores in your skin and will end up in your kidneys. They can also dry out your skin and effect brain cells. Never use thinner to clean paint from your hands.

Use latex or nitrile gloves for sanding, using body fillers, and buffing to protect your hands. Safety Glasses: Use when grinding, sanding, and spraying. When spraying, solvents can enter through your eyes, especially with over spray. Permatex Latex Gloves Natural latex gloves are ideal for general automotive and industrial repair work.* They fit either hand while providing superior manual dexterity. Lightly powdered, the gloves are easy to put on and take off. Each glove features textured fingers that are ideal for gripping dirty parts and tools.

Latex Disposable Gloves provide comfortable, all-purpose hand protection at an economical price.

Nitrile Gloves Nitrile gloves are made from a 100% synthetic rubber that provides superior resistance to a wide range of solvents and hazardous chemicals.* Nitrile gloves are suitable for users with natural rubber latex sensitivity. They feature textured fingers that provide a secure grip on dirty parts and tools. When superior chemical resistance is required. Diamond Grip Recommended for use when: Strength and durability are a requirement on a regular basis. Working with utensils and instruments in mid-to heavy-duty environments. Quality and reliability are what you desire in a hardworking glove.

Standard Goggles Standard Faceshield Safety Glasses Masks: When spraying the most common mask used is a disposable charcoal filter mask(about $20-25). As well as solvents you need to keep out the isocyanates, which will be harmful to your lungs and could put you in the hospital.

Positive pressure spraying hoods with compressor are the top of the line, but they cost around $1000. A standard dust mask should be used for sanding and filler work. Painting Suits and Socks:

Painting socks are great for keeping loose hair from drifting into a paint job, it also will keep you from getting paint in your hair.

Painting Suits: Using painting suits keeps dirt, dust, and sanding remains from old work clothes form getting into your paint job. It also keeps paint and solvents from your clothes. Most come with hoods.

3M Dual Cartridge Respirator Assembly 07192, Organic Vapor/P95. 3M Dual Cartridge Respirator Assembly 07193, Organic Vapor/P95. Bandit Halfmask RespiratorLarge Opti-Fit Fullface APR Respirator Painter's Spray Sock Earmuff Hearing Protection 

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