Moisture Traps

Moisture Traps

Many compressors come with a water or moisture trap attached directly to them. We need to remove this and either reinstall it after the 25 feet of line or a install one that better fits our needs. We need one that will handle a steady flow of CFM and moisture

In the humid summer time a compressor can put out a lot of water.( I once painted a car at a friends house and before I sprayed, I drained his compressor. I took 5 gallons of water out of it.)

There are moisture traps for removing water, oil, or vaporous water (dessicant filters).


There are two main types of regulators, diaphragm or restrictor

With a restrictor regulator as you turn in the dial to reduce the pressure, you are restricting the air passage. This will reduce the volume of CFM's that we have coming out of your compressor.

Hint: If you keep the gauge on the wall and the gauge on your spray gun, within 15-20 pounds of each other, then you will not have to restrict the flow of air too much.

A diaphragm regulator does not restrict the flow of air to control pressure. Therefore, it is the best choice. However, they are more expensive.

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